Thursday, November 07, 2013


Goop for Paperless Post featuring everyone's fave pairing: champers and ciggies:

I think it's cute, actually, and sort of charming. Cigarettes don't 
really bother me - to each his own, personal responsibility, freedom,
accountability, etc. etc.

But man, Gwyneth just likes to bring the pain on herself, doesn't she? 
There's just no way she can put her name behind a nicotiney design 
like this without some blowback.



Sarah G said...

Lol. I should have known you'd be all over this. :)

Kit Pollard said...

Great minds, Sarah. Great minds.

Xani said...

Ha, yes, sure to cause controversy! But, hard to ignore the fact that cigarettes were a huge party of american culture, especially those "retro" years we all wax nostalgic for. When EP and I had a Mad Men themed party a few years back, we picked up prop cigarettes from the costumes store and they were a huge hit! They were a great prop for pictures and everyone enjoyed fake, harmless, smokeless smoking for the evening...


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