Thursday, August 01, 2013


My little sister is married!

Erin and Clark got married last weekend in Annapolis. It was such a fun weekend
all the way around. So much fun, in fact, that I barely took any pictures.

The weekend kicked off with a little siblings-and-friends lunch at
McGarvey's on Friday.  McGarvey's is, of course, my favorite bar in the entire world
- my sister loves it, too. We had a couple Aviators (the house beer), some crab dip
and a variety of seafood-related sandwiches (crab cake, soft shell, rockfish, etc.)
It was a fantastic way to start the weekend.

The rehearsal dinner was at Carrol's Creek Cafe in Eastport. Long, long ago,
in the summer of 1996, my friend Alison worked at Carrol's Creek,
so I ate there a ton (their cream of crab soup is awesome). This week, I had crab cakes
(just like I had for lunch) and the Barrineaus - my sister's new in-laws -
surprised Erin and Clark with a giant Washington & Lee cake
(where they both went, and met).

The Barrineaus made sunglasses as a rehearsal dinner favor:
I stole this picture from Erin's friend Lyndsay Polloway's Facebook page. Thanks, LP!
The dinner was fun and speeches were sweet. Then, right before the slideshow, created
courtesy of Clark's sister Sarah, the power went out. It was strange. Fortunately, it
came back on, so we all got to ooh and aah at pictures of baby Clark and Erin.

After dinner, everyone headed to Ram's Head, where we met up with my
old friends Bert and Heidi. We stayed out too late, of course, but had so much fun.

Saturday started with Waskom sibling Starbucks in Erin's room, then Erin and
all the bridesmaids went to my parents' house to get ready. I was careful not to
take any pictures while we were at my mom and dad's - I was afraid I might
accidentally post something on Facebook.

The ceremony was at St. Mary's, where my dad and his family went to school,
I got married, Dixon was baptised - and a whole bunch of other family events
have taken place. It's a gorgeous church and Father Flynn, the priest who
married us and married Clark and Erin, rocks.

(I don't have any pictures, of course, since I was busy matron of honoring.)

The reception after was at the Annapolis Maritime Museum. It's a small museum
housed in the old McNasby's building on the Bay in Eastport. The space was
super cool - filled with interactive exhibits that educate about the oyster and
crabbing industries of Annapolis. Dixon loved it.

After a bunch of windy waterfront photos and a fun cocktail hour, we shipped
Dixon off with Cooper's parents and got down to business. 

The wedding was catered by Ken's Creative Kitchen - the team that must be the
best caterers in Annapolis. The food was amazing (especially the crab cake appetizers)
 and the service was excellent. A few years ago, Ken catered my friends' Pete and
Liz's wedding. That night, my mom couldn't say enough about how great the
service and food had been. There was really no other choice for Erin's caterer.

We started with lovely salads of mixed greens and goat cheese:

The entree was crab-topped rockfish with spring vegetables
and super airy potatoes:
(Note the royal blue tablecloths - it's a W&L thing.
The bridesmaids wore hot pink and orange.)

After dinner, we all celebrated with Erin, Clark and their favorite college band,
Snackbar Jones. It was crazy fun.

And this photo came from Erin's friend Lis Juterbock's Facebook. I really didn't take any of my own!

The reception flew by, of course - they always do when you're having fun.
Once it was over, we headed downtown on a hilariously bumpy water taxi ride.
We went to Pusser's to continue the party and then, eventually, home.

Erin and Clark are in Spain now (the Basque region, including San Sebastian)
and I am at home, wishing I'd planned a post-wedding trip of my own.
Because who says only the bride and groom should get a honeymoon?

It was so much fun all around - and wonderful to see my little sister so happy.
I wish we could do it all over again!


Sarah G said...

Sounds like a great time! Hope to see some pics! Of course you ended up at Pusser's - it's a family tradition, right? :)

Kit Pollard said...

Sarah the first thing Cooper and I talked about when we got to Pusser's was that LOVELY chat we all had after our wedding. Staying classy in Annapolis!

Sarah G said...

LOL I just made the assumption that Erin's night at Pusser's was not as debauched (conversationally, I mean) as ours. And I kind of like it that way. :)


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