Monday, February 25, 2013

Last Week's Dinners: Pho, Pork & Shrimp

I've been work-busy lately, so I haven't been cooking nearly as much as I'd like. 
Fortunately, my schedule is starting to even out a bit, so last week, 
I got myself back in the kitchen. And this is what happened:

Left to right, from most recent to least.

Friday: I wasn't feeling 100%, so I scrounged up an old chicken pho recipe
to cook, but the house smelled great and the flavor was worth it. 
And now I feel (mostly) better.

Thursday: Dinner out. Can't cook every night.

Wednesday: I made lasagna for the first time ever. Made up the recipe, too.
Not enough sauce, not enough flavor. And not interesting enough to photograph.

Tuesday: Pork medallions with onion marmalade. Originally published in the 
Admittedly, the involvement of raspberry vinegar feels pretty old-fashioned, 
but the pork and its sauce were both fantastic. That said, it took
waaaay longer to make than the magazine suggested. 
And I burned the onion marmalade. But that's nobody's fault but my own.

Monday: Shrimp-fried rice from the March Bon Appetit. Light, easy to make,
pretty healthy, super tasty. As much as I love F&W, I have to admit that BA
just kills it when it comes to easy weeknight recipes. Dixon might even have 
accidentally eaten some vegetables during this dinner, so that's an added bonus.

So that's it: last week's menu chez Pollard. Thumbs up across the board. 
(Except for my lasagna. Sigh. Clearly, I am not Italian.)


Sarah G said...

So funny - I've never made a lasagna, either! Did we have this conversation already? lol That all looks delicious..... Yet another reason I wish I lived at your house. :)

Kit Pollard said...

We probably have! Everyone at the bus stop looked at me like I was crazy for never having made it. But I don't think my mom ever made it, either!

theminx said...

The best lasagna recipe used to be on the back of the San Giorgio lasagna noodle box. It involved homemade sauce with both ground beef and Italian sausage and it was quite labor intensive. But oh so good! I wish I had saved a box. The new recipe calls for jarred sauce, which just doesn't do the trick.

Kit Pollard said...

The San Giorgio recipe was on of the ones I used as a guideline. And it definitely was not super-super-homemade!

Anonymous said...

At least it didn't taste like cinnamon!?? AKB

Kit Pollard said...

LOL, Alicia. I was actually thinking about that lasagna while I was eating mine - because my noodles tasted so sweet. I'm convinced the sweetness of the noodles made a savory spice taste like cinnamon! So weird. But everyone agrees, still better than that time I made a salad slurpee...


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