Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chevre Disaster

This made me think I could make goat cheese:

This made me realize I could not:
Let me back up. Just before Christmas, I got a Food52 Shop email hawking
the Belle Chevre goat cheese box. It would be a fun activity for Dixon and I
to do together, I thought. He likes science. Cheese-making is kind of science.
So I bought the box and gave it to him for Christmas. Then I ordered the milk from
Atwaters (who couldn't have been nicer) and last Sunday, he and I set about
making some goat cheese.
According to the instructions, it's as easy as adding some citric acid to milk,
then heating it up.
You're supposed to heat it to 185 (they even give you a thermometer),
stirring continuously, then let it sit for 10 minutes.
After that, you pour the liquid into a cheesecloth-lined bowl, where
you let it sit for a bit longer, then you strain out the liquid.
Except for me, at that point, it was still all liquid.
And it remained that way.
Maybe I heated the milk too quickly?
That's the only thing I could've done incorrectly.
Oh - and fun family activity? HAHAHAHAHAHA.
After about 30 seconds, Dixon's arm hurt from stirring,
so he asked if he could go back downstairs to play video games.
At least Cooper helped.
Helped me make a big bowl of hot, acidic goat's milk, that is.

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