Tuesday, December 18, 2012

As January Nears...

It's food trend season once again.

The January issue of Food and Wine arrived last week, bringing with it a trend suggestion or two. Chefs are focusing on chicken now, instead of burgers as their downmarket food made upscale and fancy? Sure, but I don't know how new that really is. It's been five years since F&W first published Thomas Keller's fried chicken recipe.

That said, the issue was a great one all around - full of interesting observations. A neo-tiki cocktail trend? Yes, please. Mayan chocolate puddings? That fits so neatly with an Aztec-inspired dessert we had at Johnny's earlier this fall.

And Ray Isle's article about how to stock wine based on your drinking personality ought to be required reading for everyone. (Note: I might think that because he confirms what we already do.)

Not to mention, the magazine is a nice escape from Christmas overload. Not that I'm sick of Christmas - I'm not - but even now, a little break from the holiday buzz feels pretty good.

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