Friday, June 18, 2010

Entertaining Friday: Pretty Party Tables

I'll be back with the rest of the Great Grapes recipes next week (there are still two left, including the bacon jam!) but in the meantime, here's some fancy(ish) party eye candy:

OK, so maybe a table that long on the beach isn't practical (is there a mobile kitchen hidden someplace? And a fleet of waiters?). But...pretty and so simple.

These tables are also simple, but maybe more practical: The above is from the Garden & Gun Lowcountry Field Feast. Everybody at the party was wearing jeans and boots and it really was all about the food...which makes those tables even more perfect.

This event might be the opposite: It's the Swan Ball in Nashville. Fabulous and over the top, right? I'm nearly always a fan of glittery things that hang from the ceiling. And I love how the tables kind of shimmer and glow: Of course, it doesn't hurt that the table's surrounded by all kinds of blooming plants.

I really like that when it comes down to it, the Lowcountry Field Feast and Swan Ball tables aren't that different - the centerpieces are low and unobtrusive, the tables are long, the linens are tailored. But the vibe of each is so different, thanks to details in color and shape.

[Lowcountry Feast and Swan Ball photos from Garden & Gun.]

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