Friday, May 21, 2010

Designing: What Houzz Readers Like

I've been writing for Houzz since it launched in the fall of 2008. Since then, the site's grown pretty rapidly and there are a ton of interesting photos and ideabooks there. Today, I looked at the twenty photos that have been added to the most ideabooks by Houzz members.

Since I'm an analysis dork, I couldn't help but notice a few trends. Houzz readers are:
  • Still into gallery-style photo arrangements, though not as much as they were last year, when I wrote about the 15 top design trends on Houzz
  • Loving neutral colors, which is funny, since many of the people (including me) who frequently write ideabooks on Houzz seem into bright colors
  • Looking for creative storage solutions (shocking, right?)
  • Into the look of weathered wood and boards and vintage-style fixtures
  • All about white kitchens
  • In love with natural light (another shock)
Here's the book, with all twenty of the top rooms:

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