Monday, April 05, 2010

Things Are Happening in Baltimore

It's springtime and that means that people are leaving the little cocoons that kept them warm all winter, to actually do stuff. And that means that my email inbox is filling up with press releases and newsletters announcing all the great new things that are going on. Including:
  • Brunch at Milan: Milan (410-685-6111), the swanky new Little Italy spot that I reviewed here, started serving brunch yesterday. I'm sure it's delicious and it would be a fun, fancy way to start a Sunday.
  • Face Forward Initiative fundraiser at Ellie: Ellie, which took over the Pink Crab space by Graul's in Ruxton, looks completely adorable. So adorable that it's probably for the best that I haven't made it in yet, since that would be the end of my checking account. This Thursday (April 8th), though, the store is hosting a fundraising event from 6 pm to 8 pm, with a portion of proceeds going to the Face Forward Initiative. The FFI is an organization, founded by a Hopkins doctor, that provides free surgical treatment for children with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. The event is free, though guests are asked to bring a new toy or clothing for children between the ages of 3 months and 12 years. For more information, call 410-823-8544.
  • Best Dressed Sale Collections: In somewhat related news, I learned from Glamour Girl Lisa Simeone that today and tomorrow (April 5-6), the Johns Hopkins Women's Board is accepting donations for their annual Best Dressed Sale. Donated clothes should be very nice and in good condition. The sale itself takes place in October and proceeds benefit the Johns Hopkins Hospital. I know this is short notice, but at least start thinking about what you've got that you no longer wear - there will be additional donation days in June and September.
  • Sugarloaf Crafts Festival: In a couple of weeks (April 16-18), the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival makes its annual appearance at the fairgrounds in Timonium. This year, vendors include a whole bunch of fancy food folks, from Terra Verde Farms to Virginia's own MeadowCroft Farm (which looks like it carries amazing stuff).

Also, as the new president of Slow Food Baltimore, Liz is doing a great job of organizing and announcing events. She's updating the organization's blog pretty regularly, and is really on top of food-related stuff happening in and around Baltimore.

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Sarah G said...

I'm a big fan of Ellie - I regularly go to the one in Delaware, next to the original Wilmington Country Store. :)


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