Friday, April 09, 2010

Infographics Are (Still) Cool

You know what makes me happy? When someone (like Discovery Doug) emails me something like this:
Is this supposed to make me think fast food is bad? Because it doesn't - not really at least. Not enough to keep me from loving McD's fries. A couple of thoughts on the content:
  • McDonald's employs 400,000. That's great.
  • I bet that 1,680 calorie White Castle shake is pretty delicious.
  • I'm surprised that the average daily calorie intake in Ethiopia is 1,800 calories. I guess it's because the famine took place during my formative years, and I realize that there's sure to be some crazy intake disparity, but I thought the average would be much lower.
  • OK, the violations and the chemicals aren't that pleasant. But you know what else I noticed? Chick-fil-A is not on this graphic. Probably because it is the best fast food restaurant ever. Seriously, the one we go to has table service. Table service.

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