Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Eaten Recently, But Not Photographed

Every once in a while, I remember that this is, ostensibly, a food blog, and I write about food. This is one of those posts.

It's been a while since I've written expressly about what I'm eating, so please bear with me. I've eaten a lot of note lately. So much that I'm going to have to go all business school on you and bang out a bulleted list. So here it is:

  • Roy's: Two weeks ago, we made it to Roy's again for their third Thursday wine club. March's session benefitted the Avon Breast Cancer Walk and, as such, was packed. But pretty impressive, featuring winemakers with a connection to breast cancer awareness, including a couple of excellent Fat Bastard selections.
  • Crush: After Roy's, Cooper and I hit Crush for a late night snack. I wasn't super hungry, so I ordered the cheese plate, which I hadn't had before. It's impressive, both in terms of presentation (it's huge) and flavor. It's a nice selection and comes with some accompaniments, like a fig jam (that's really sort of aspic-like), that I loved. Cooper got the charcuterie (as a part of his three-course prix fixe - he was hungry). We hadn't had that either and while I still prefer Clementine's, the Crush plate was pretty nice.
  • IKEA: That weekend, we had a big Saturday planned, starting with an early morning breakfast at IKEA with Mike and Alicia. When we planned to meet at IKEA, we were all sort of joking about breakfast...but it turns out that it's a) not bad and b) cheap as hell. For $1.99, you get two plates of eggs, bacon, and potatoes, plus coffee. Cinnamon buns are extra, but we were in a festive mood, so we splurged. Then, fully fortified, we forged on through the store, where I, as usual, bought about 10,000 napkins and paper plates.
  • Stoney River: It's the new steakhouse in Towson and it's been getting solid reviews, so Cooper and I made our way there a couple of weeks ago. My thoughts: our steaks were good and were cooked very nicely (which is not always the case, even at steakhouses), but it's a little casual for my taste - and by that, I mostly mean that I wish you couldn't see the inside of the mall from your table. The decor's not bad, and neither is the service, but because it is casual, it feels like it should be just a little less expensive. Plus, the wine list is pretty weak, and I think since they're a steakhouse, they should step it up. Overall, it was a good meal, but with a touch of fine-tuning, it could've been much better.
  • Chicken Chipotle Tacos: Last week, I made these tacos and this poblano gratin (only with jalapenos instead of poblanos) and I am happy to report that both were excellent with no tweaking at all. The tacos might have been a little time consuming, but they were worth it.
  • Fried Oyster Salad: Sadly, the fried oyster salad that I made using the recipe at the bottom of this page was not quite as successful. The dressing was good (especially since I made my own mayonnaise to start) but the oysters were only OK. Which wasn't my fault -I swear. I just needed better oysters.
  • Red Robin: It's Dixon's new favorite restaurant. We go there ALL THE TIME. But you know what? The service is consistently good and we've had more good experiences there than bad. Which is actually something for a restaurant that caters to a clientele that's probably 60% under 10.

I've got one more big meal to write about - last Friday's dinner at Pappas' - but I think I'm going to give that one it's own post. Pappas has been around for a while. They deserve it.


theminx said...

Stoney River seems more luxe when one eats at the bar (and can't see the mall). I thought the burgers were just right, both in flavor and price. Haven't tried steaks yet, and probably never will because hey - Ceriello's is just down the road!

And why have we never met at Red Robin? We eat there every few weeks or so, always on a Tuesday before we do grocery shopping.

Kit Pollard said...

I've actually heard that about the bar. It makes sense, too. I was just so distracted by the shoppers.

And that's funny about Red Robin. We usually go on Fridays - it's Dixon's big night out. I figure it's a better place than most to teach him some restaurant manners.


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