Monday, February 22, 2010

The Other White Meat

Discovery Doug emails me this (click it, for real) a note saying, "In case you were thinking about an upcoming PORK theme." Which begs the question: maybe it's not always obvious on M&G, but when is there NOT a pork theme at my house?

Mmmm PORK.


Sarah said...

First of all- Where does he find these things?
Second of all- that is hysterical. Especially the veggies need wedgies.
Third- it is also disgusting. The grinding meat really barfs me out. You realize that I did say last week my husband food processed ham and blended it with mayo and gerkins?

Kit Pollard said...

You know what else is funny? I thought it was Sarah GODWIN leaving this comment until the "disgusting" part, which doesn't sound like her meat-loving self. Then when you referred to Doug as your husband I realized it was you.

BTW, Alicia and I were telling Cooper about the ham thing and he was all, "oh yeah, that's good." BLECH.

Sarah said...

Yeah- Sara saw it on my FB page and said she LOVED it. Must run in their family too!

Kit Pollard said...

Poor gilly - she's a vegetarian (but eats fish). She must spend so much time grossed out.

Sarah G said...

Hey, I was wondering why my ears were burning! I stand by my love of Parker's ham salad. LOL And sometimes veggies DO need wedgies. :)


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