Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old School Thursday: Just Eat Edition

Today is National Chocolate Covered Peanuts Day, a holiday that would surely upset Adelle Davis, who was born today in 1904. Davis was a “nutritionist” who wrote a book called Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, and who put forth a whole lot of theories about how to eat right. A whole lot of theories that have since been labeled as dangerous by actual doctors.

In other news, wartime food rationing began today in parts of England in 1918 and a few years later, in 1922, Donald McLean was born. Not Don McLean, singer of American Pie, but Donald, a Scottish potato expert who apparently had the world’s largest private collection of potatoes. Three hundred sixty seven types. Who knew?

So…to celebrate? Well, ignore Adelle Davis’ advice and eat something, for starters. Preferably potatoes. And peanuts with chocolate.

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