Friday, February 05, 2010

Artsy: Starry Starry Night Cake

Libby is all over the internet today. Look what else she found - a Van Gogh cake:
Maybe I should've pursued an artist theme for the Kit-and-Dixon SNOMG cake, instead of letting Dixon run with his "use every cake decoration in the pantry" approach. Look how proud he is: And this is what that cake looks like up close:

I'm pretty sure the sprinkles are thicker than the cake in one spot. It's lovely.


Kara {Must-Have Boutique} said...

That Van Gogh cake is amazing! And Dixon's cake is adorable too! :O)

Kit Pollard said...

Thank you...amazing might be the most descriptive word.

I think the Van Gogh cake is doable, too, since it doesn't have the be PERFECT.

Anonymous said...

Wow the starry starry night cake was AMAZING!!! I would just stare at it and won't eat it lol!


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