Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old School Thursday: Inventors, Characters & Wine Edition

Welcome to National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day. To be fair, at least it’s hot pastrami. It’s also Vinegrower’s Day in Bulgaria, which is a holiday I can really get behind, even if I have never had Bulgarian wine. I imagine you can get it someplace in the US, right?

Today in 1841, Juliet Corson was born. She was a bit of an early Julia Child. She founded the New York Cooking School in 1876 and wrote a ton of articles and cookery books, mostly along the practical lines (Twenty-five Cent Dinners for Families of Six – that sort of thing).

Twenty years later, in 1861, we welcomed David Wesson to the earth. The man behind Wesson Oil, Wesson was the chemist who developed a method to make pure cotton seed oil palatable. He formed the Southern Oil Company, and the rest is history.

Speaking of inventors, today is also the birthday of Rolla N. Harger (1890), who invented the Drunkometer in 1931. The grandfather to the breathalyzer, the Drunkometer made a recent appearance on this blog, on December 31st, which was its inauguration date (in Indiana).

But it’s not all birthdays and inventions today. Sadly, today in 1898, Lewis Carroll, creator of Alice and all of her “eat me to grow bigger” episodes, passed away. Nearly a century later, Ray Kroc, the McDonald’s founder and entrepreneur extraordinaire, died.

There’s a lot to celebrate and honor today. Frugal eating, Wesson Oil, McDonald’s, Alice, and of course, getting drunk on Bulgarian wine.

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