Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Designing Tuesday:Pretty Places to Drink Pretty Things

I live practically around the corner from a really nice wine bar and also a very cute Irishy pub. I also live about 20 minutes from a vineyard where, even though the wine might not quite make grand cru quality, the setting is as charming as anyplace.

But that doesn't mean I'm not jealous of the people who live near Clifton Park, Virginia. Within the DC suburban area (it's a long commute, but it happens), mother and son team Jane Kincheloe and Kirk Wiles turned an old piece of family property, and the cabin that came on it, into a winery and wine shop, called Paradise Springs (13129 Yates Ford Road, Clifton, VA). They make their own wines and also sell a carefully selected collection of other wines.

Kind of my dream job? Yes (even though I know it's so much work). What's really making me jealous here, though, are the interior shots of the cabin. How great-looking is this place: Ornate mirror + rustic wood + exposed brick + local art? Sign me up.

And this: Stick a fancy chandelier in an otherwise rustic setting and I am sold.

The winery opens this Saturday, January 16th.

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