Monday, December 14, 2009

Trendy Monday: Jose Andres' Bazaar

Last week in the WSJ, Katy McLaughlin wrote an interesting article on Jose Andres' LA restaurant Bazaar, and the restaurant business trends it may or may not be spearheading.

The trends:
  • Snacks replace the meal (small plates)
  • It's in a hotel
  • The bar is the focus
  • Rejecting tradition (no white linen here)
  • The restaurant is the entertainment (nightclub atmosphere)
  • Wild cuisine
  • Open floor plan (Bazaar is in a hotel lobby)

McLaughlin discusses each trend in general, and in terms of whether its a fad or something we can expect to see more of in the future. Though she kind of hedges and is reluctant to make any truly bold predictions, I got the sense that the first two, at least, are probably trends we'll see more of. Then again, tapas isn't exactly a new thing in the dining world, even in the U.S. And hotel restaurants...not new either.

Still, its worth a read, and its interesting to look at the industry's future based on the choices of one particular restaurateur.

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