Monday, December 21, 2009

Trendy Monday: It's List Season

It's that time again - end of year (and end of decade) lists are all over the place, as are lists suggesting trends for the next year/ decade. This isn't exactly a list, but it is a collection of some quotes I found interesting from this Chowhound discussion of next year's likely trends:
  • RETURN TO LUXURY: Champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Because I'm sick to death of recession-friendly anything.
  • PRICEY SEAFOOD: Many high quality fish cuts will go through the roof thanks to shortage, and also [more] responsible fishing techniques. I sadly anticipate paying £6-7 for a tuna steak from a store.
  • WEIRD LOCAL SEAFOOD: Definitely agree on the use of lesser known seafood. I live by the Chesapeake Bay and right now people are pushing for more use of the native sting ray that swim in these waters - they're calling it Chesapeake Ray. I've had it and it's not that bad.
  • SPENDY SAUSAGE: Sausages will increase dramatically in price and quality.
  • KOREAN FLAVORS: Sriracha is so over. Gojuchang mayo will be THE condiment of the next decade.
  • WEST-TO-EAST: Not absolutely positive, but it seems to me that everything hits the west coast first (except the idiotic cupcake frenzy). Asian stuff especially because, well, it's closer to Asia. But a trend hasn't completely crested until it hits NYC, where, if the Times is any indication, Korean is now the super-trendy thing to like. Of course its possible that the Times is, er, behind the times.
  • FRIED CHICKEN: Frank Bruni, departing NY Times food critic, said in an interview with Charlie Rose that the current "up-and-coming" restaurant bandwagon is fried chicken.
  • BENEFIT IN-HOME DINNER PARTIES: Pretty much what it sounds like - in-home dinner parties that are set-up to benefit a cause.

Fried chicken's been on the trend radar for a couple of years now, as have Korean flavors, and the seafood situation's been evolving, too. But that west-to-east observation was an interesting one. And I agree with the first comment - I am pretty over "recession-friendly" as a kitchen strategy.


chesapeake bay fishing said...

I was put in the hospital by one of those Chesapeake stingrays. As far as I'm concerned, you can have every single one of them:).

Kit Pollard said...

From a sting or from eating it?!?

You know, as much as I love eating stuff that comes out of the Bay, I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly how you'd make stingray appetizing.


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