Monday, December 28, 2009

Trendy Monday: 2010 Food Trends, According to Epicurious (and me)

I do love trend list season.

Today's Trendy Monday comes courtesy of the Epicurious blog. Editor Tanya Steel serves up her predictions for 2010 in "front burner/back burner" form. The "front burner" trends are the ones on the rise, while "back burners" are trends that we'll see the back of in 2010.

I like the format - I think "in and out" lists are smart. I agree with most of the trends, too, though I have a few thoughts. Enough thoughts that I let my research analyst side take over and I created a chart in PowerPoint to outline my comments (click on the chart to enlarge):

Pretty fancy chart, huh?


John said...

I hadn't realized that potlucks had ever been out of style. I've never had a fancy sit-down dinner before. And I'm still getting used to this whoopie pie phenomenon!

Kit Pollard said...

Yeah, I'm not exactly sure the whoopie pie phenomenon has hit Bmore yet. If so, it might be passing me by. I probably need to look closer.

And you should TOTALLY have a fancy sit-down dinner. You'd be good at it. Instead of fancy wine, you could do beer pairings. But I think you're right - potlucks aren't really an in or an out. They're more like a fact of life.


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