Friday, December 11, 2009

Entertaining Friday: Apps

Coastal Living just published a nice little collection of ten simple party appetizers. They're all familiar without being boring, and perfect finger food. It's a nice resource.

My favorite is the crab, mango, and cashew dip. I've had more than a few crab dips in my day, and more than a few crab and mango stacks, but somehow I've never had a crab dip that incorporated mango. It's a great idea and a nice little twist on a classic. I'd recommend making it in addition to traditional crab dip, not instead of, though. At least if you live in Maryland. Because you know things might get ugly if there's no regular crab dip to be eaten.

I've always had lots of luck finding great hors d'oeuvres recipes on the Food & Wine website, too. I've made these chorizo-filled, bacon-wrapped dates (though I used dried figs) a couple of times and I can say that, though they need some blotting, they fly off the plate.

Epicurious has a nice list, too, if you're looking for fancy (more than one foie recipe? Sign me up.) The roasted sweet onions with Italian bleu cheese caught my eye - and made it onto my menu for tomorrow night, when we have drinks here to celebrate Cooper's birthday, before going to see Alicia's brother's band.

'Tis the season for hors d'oeuvres. Then again, is any season really not the season for hors d'oeuvres?

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