Friday, July 17, 2009

Entertaining Friday: Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe

I'm in the mood for a picnic today - just in time for what looks like rain. No matter. I've already got chicken soaking in buttermilk, ready to coat in corn flakes and bake and in a few minutes, I'm heading to the store for the rest of my provisions. Tonight we're going to have a picnic-style dinner, even if we're actually inside, sitting at the table and watching rain fall.


Willard B. Moore said...

Dear Kit: Your use of Manet (or is it Monet, two years apart, I think)shows up in my blog soon with a posting on PICNICS. It's surprising how many serious painters and photographers have chosen picnics as their subject, 18th century through the 21st. I just finished Doughnuts and you might find that topic interesting, too.
Bill Moore

Kit Pollard said...

Bill - great, GREAT blog. I love it! The intersection between food and art and cultural history is probably my favorite subject. Wish I could've taken a class in it...


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