Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Artsy: Food in the Arts Blog

I am, quite obviously, a big huge geek when it comes to anything that combines food, social history and art. Much to Cooper's chagrin, my basement walls are covered with a timeline charting major events in food, art and regular history from the start of civilization until today. My bookshelves are filled with books - both fiction and non - related to food and art and culture. My internet bookmarks include a category called "social history of food."

So imagine my great, great interest when I first clicked on Bill Moore's blog, Food in the Arts. Moore is a retired professor of art history and on his blog, he examines the literal inclusion of food in art, and what it means in the larger context of society.

Swoon. Seriously.

Moore's project, which he dubs "Artists at the Table," has been underway since 2003 and in that time he has collected around 1600 images of art that includes food. On the blog, they're categorized into 25 thematic chapters, and he does have possible plans to publish the content one day.


Desisoccermom said...

Interesting and I totally agree about food being a common thread throughout history and art. What sustains us makes us create. What we create becomes history for the future. (I am just hypothysing on a limb here...)

LoveFeast Table said...

Have you seen what Creative Alliance is doing?
Pretty cool!

Kit Pollard said...

I hadn't seen that. So cool! So ambitious, too - that's an amazing schedule.

Jaya - totally. Especially that part about what we create becoming the future's history. Sometimes I think too much about that, actually, and have to remind myself to live now instead of always thinking about how, say, a picture of my refrigerator has potential as a cultural artifact.

I think that might be a nasty side effect of being a research analyst AND a blogger.


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