Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Artsy Wednesday: It's Not the Taste, It's the Texture

The July issue of Food & Wine arrived yesterday and with it, so many really approachable recipes, it's almost like Bon Appetit! (Seriously, I prefer F&W overall, especially for the articles, but when it comes to weeknight meals, BA is way more useful.)

The issue isn't all about recipes, though, and there are a couple of great articles. A guide to post-Ramsey London, a fourth of July party with Bobby Flay in the Hamptons, and a ton of fantastic wine-related stuff. Including an article on texture.

In Emily Kaiser's article, "A Sensualist's Guide to Wine Pairings," the author admits something that holds true for me, as well: when she drinks wine, it's not really about the taste. It's the texture.

I actually hadn't ever thought about it until I looked at the article, either. But I knew I had something in common with Kaiser as soon as I read this:
"For me, it's easier to discern a wine's texture than it is to analyze its aromas or flavors. And when I pick a wine for dinner, I often seek a particular texture more than a specific taste - chewy or sharp, fizzy or smooth, or some sensation in between."

Hey, Emily! Me too!

The article goes on to include more detail about the texture of wine, and it includes some food and wine pairings built around mouthfeel. Overall, it's an exciting read for me, in that it makes me feel less like I have an insufficient palate, especially compared to Cooper's "not quite, but nearly, a supertaster" palate, and more like I just experience food and wine in a different way than some people.

Oh - and what's "artsy" about this? Well, every painting is about color, right? But it's not only about color. It's also about texture. Just like every wine is not just about flavor.


LoveFeast said...

spoken like a true appreciator of fine art, I mean wine!

Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing this! I, too, am more of a "texture" person when it comes to wine . . . I can pick out some flavors, but I can't get the really nuanced flavors of some wines. It's good to know others experience wine similarly & offer some pairing suggestions. I will be picking up this issue shortly!


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