Monday, May 04, 2009

Trendy Monday: Tiffin Tins

A few months ago - longer, maybe even - Anthony Bourdain visited India. One little corner of the episode touched on the lunchbox hardware used by people across the country - the tiffin tin. Often metal, these stackable tins are really pretty ideal for carrying a meal around. They're practical and environmentally concscious and cute in the very best way.
And while they're not new, even in America, they are having an awfully big week at my house. First, the June Bon Appetit arrived, with a lovely shot of stacked stainless tins. Not 24 hours later, a Crate and Barrel sale catalog showed up in my mailbox, including the bright yellow plastic tiffin box shown in the picture. While this one doesn't have the authentic vibe of battered steel, it is awfully sunny.
And two sightings in two days? I'm pretty sure that qualifies as trendy.

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