Monday, May 11, 2009

Trendy Monday: The Oak Backlash-Backlash

Not a long Trendy Monday post today, just a quick observation: I think (and don't ask me why I think this) oak is about to regain a little respect. For years, some winemakers overoaked their grapes, in an effort to "give the people what they want." They went too far, resulting in a lot of anti-chardonnay and anti-oak sentiment.

It's time, though, for the tables to turn. Though I can't actually find any of them, I think I've read a number of pro-oak statements lately, and I've definitely been privy to some pro-oak commentary (though at least some of that is from my parents, who have always been among the wood's biggest cheerleaders).

Hopefully this time around, both winemakers and wine drinkers will find oak's golden mean. Though, if not, I can think of worse pursuits.

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