Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ideabook Tuesday: Summer

I had a nice weekend. It started with a crowded and hot, but really fun, Belvedere happy hour on Friday night. Saturday, with Dixon at my parents' house, Cooper and Jen and Bill and I headed up into the northern part of Baltimore County to the Prigel Farm Fest, a fundraiser for the Prigel family's legal defense fund (it's a long story), where we sat outside on the farm, drinking rose and watching the sun set. Once night hit, we did a little bar-hopping and live band-watching and had an unexpectedly fun night.

Sunday, with Dixon back home, we spent most of the day sitting in the backyard swinging chairs, enjoying the weather.

Of course, we're not enjoying the weather nearly as much today, and all the rain is making the mosquito bites I got on Sunday even more annoying. But that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to more weekend afternoons on the swinging chairs, and on our friends' decks. And that is the inspiration behind this:

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