Monday, April 27, 2009

Trendy Monday: Secret Supper Clubs

I had a nice weekend - good weather, drinks on our brand new backyard swinging chairs (aka the "grownup swingset") and Alicia Barger's guacamole. I kicked it off, too, with a quiet Friday night that involved the new issue of Garden & Gun arriving in the mail. For a magazine with a name that's mostly a punch line (this far north, anyway), it is one nicely written and edited piece of work.

This month's issue includes a feature on some of the South's secret supper clubs - those really, really huge dinner parties often hosted by chefs or young, cool farmers. The kind that I'd love to attend and that I've also been thinking about trying to host (I'm not sure I've got the space, though).

Secret suppers aren't an entirely new phenomenon. In fact, they've been around forever, and I even wrote about Portland's Michael Hebberoy and his various adventures (including an underground supper club) back in January of 2006.

While secret suppers might not be trendy in the truest sense of the word, they are receiving some decent ink lately, including a whole book dedicated to shedding light on some of the country's more impressive suppers.

The question is, then, when does the backlash begin? After all, part of these meals' allure is that they are, you know, secret. But if everybody knows about them, and starts clamoring for invitations, won't the chefs just hang up their toques? Isn't part of the draw that you have insider knowledge?

Of course, as I say that, I'm also thinking: if you know of any in Baltimore, I know one blogger who wouldn't mind an invite...


Sarah said...

I think Gilly should get a name-check - didn't she give you that subscription for Christmas? :)

Kit Pollard said...

She did!

She said she saw it and knew right away that we would love anything with a name like that.

She was right.


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