Monday, March 16, 2009

Trendy Monday: India & Wine

This is officially my first "trendy Monday" post inspired by a dream. Sometime very early this morning, I woke up thinking about the wine industry in India. I'd been dreaming about a grape called Sirjay (that does not actually exist). I can't decide if it was a totally interesting dream or completely dorky and boring. Probably the latter.

Either way, it got me thinking about the potential for Indian wine and I started doing some googling this morning, only to find out that today is the first day of the India International Wine Fair. Wine consumption (and production) is on the upswing in India, and recent classification shifts have removed some of the restrictions from selling wine in the still-partially teetotal country.

Not surprisingly, winemakers in the US and France are pretty interested in the Indian market. Like China, India represents a whole lot of people and a domestic industry that's not super sophisticated. Importing and investing aren't without hurdles, but the size of the potential market makes it worth it to navigate the country's system.

It's less certain that we'll hear a lot about Indian wine exports - at least not anytime soon. But I still wouldn't mind trying some.

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