Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ideabook Tuesday: Sitting on the Porch

Kind of an amazing weekend, right?

On Saturday afternoon, Cooper and I were sitting on our front porch, watching Dixon make a mess of himself in the yard (and use a file to try to cut through the side fence, which he's going to be able to actually do one day, way too soon). Cooper looked at me and said, "you know what would be good right now? Jen's summer drink."

Jen's summer drink is Firefly sweet tea vodka and lemonade, aka the "John Daly." She had the vodka on a trip to see her parents in Florida a couple of months ago and came home evangelizing. Cooper had tasted it, but I hadn't.

Even taste unknown, I was pretty sure Cooper was right, so Dixon and I sent him off to procure some of the vodka in question.

Twenty minutes later, we were sipping our drinks and, well, still watching Dixon file through the fence. It was a pretty perfect way to spend a warm, lazy late Saturday afternoon. And also the inspiration for this:

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