Friday, February 27, 2009

Entertaining Friday: Break's Over

We took last weekend off from our busy social schedule and, as a result, I have a fully painted basement bathroom and laundry room, and a nearly complete (and already stocked) wine cellar. As much as Cooper pretends he likes to sit around watching TV, the reality is that when we're home, he's busy. It works out well for all of us, actually. Dixon likes to hang out and "help" (I am nearly positive he's the only two-year old I know who's used a nail gun) and I like the results.

So that was last weekend. On to this week. Tonight we're going to a bull roast for a friend of Cooper's who's planning to run for office at some point. And tomorrow is a big day. We're having a dinner party.

It's been years since we had an actual sit-down-at-the-table, everything's fancy dinner party. In fact, we've never had one at this house - and we've lived here for almost four years. We're due.

My menu is ambitious - it's a seven course tasting menu, plus snacks to start - and I'm really excited to spend today and tomorrow cooking. I'll be making:
It's a lot, but each individual item isn't that complicated. I'm counting on that to be my saving grace. That, and getting a lot done today.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your dinner party!! Those things sound great!

Cail said...

Rosemary and salt sauce? Sounds amazing.

Kit Pollard said...

Thanks! The sauce isn't actually sauce - it's just rosemary salt. But I think it'll be great with the lamb.

I'm actually really working it today. Jen is over - she's my sous-chef. It's kind of great. She's peeled and sliced about a million potatoes and grated a ton of cheese.


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