Wednesday, December 16, 2015


This article about Guy Fieri, written by Jeremy Repanich and appearing in Playboy, is solid. Though I might just think that because everything the author says fits with my general impression that Fieri, despite his ridiculous hair and all those sauces, is a smart, good person who helps small businesses.

People who actually meet Guy, and work with him, have consistently nice things to say about him. As a result, my tolerance for snarkiness with respect to his work is pretty low. I am all about fancy food - but I'm not interested in food snobbery.

And that, as the Repanich article points out, is what is at the core of anti-Guy sentiment.

The article is worth a read in full. It's well-researched, with both numbers and anecdotes that back up the author's thesis.

Plus, it's engaging - and as entertaining as a chimichanga slathered in donkey sauce.

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