Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wear This, Eat That

Fall is upon us, which means it's time to think about...spring clothes. New York Fashion Week just ended, London is underway, and I can't stop looking at clothes I will never buy.

As I was flipping through Vogue runway slideshows yesterday, I also started getting oddly hungry. I've written before (almost a decade ago!) about the intersection between fashion and food, and what one has to do with the other. But yesterday, my thinking was more literal. Sometimes, clothes just look like food, and vice versa.

Here are a few of my favorite examples of that, from this season's shows so far:

First up: it's all about the texture. I love it in my food and I love it on my clothes.

Wear Carolina Herrara, eat coconut cake:

 coconut layer cake (via Martha Stewart)

I love this dress, which you can see, if you look closely, is covered in fabric flowers that pop off the surface.
It's so fun and summery. 

So...wear Michael Kors, drink blueberry margaritas:

blueberry margarita (via Food and Wine)

Dixon loves - loves - black and white cookies. A couple years ago, he confessed to our friend Audrey that he thinks of them as "rich people" cookies, which obviously cracked me up. 

So if you're feeling flush...wear Zac Posen, eat black and white cookies. 

(Really, if was feeling flush, I really would wear Zac Posen. I love his clothes so much.)

 black and white cookie (via Epicurious)

Look at that cape! It's as regal and serious and awesomely sophisticated as the darkest chocolate mousse, right? 

Wear Sophie Theallet, eat chocolate mousse.

gianduja mousse (via Food and Wine)

How fun are seahorses? Very fun. You know what else is fun? Parties that serve shrimp that you don't have to peel yourself. 

Wear Holly Fulton, eat shrimp cocktail.

 shrimp cocktail (via Martha Stewart)

Kate Spade is kind of my spirit animal. I struggle to not buy all the things, all the time, and by the time next spring rolls around, I will probably have lost the battle vs. my willpower when it comes to the brand's new rockstud knockoffs (even though I work in my kitchen). You know what else I love and indulge in too frequently? Pasta. 

Wear Kate Spade, eat cacio e pepe - with lemon, because it's brighter that way.

 cacio e pepe with meyer lemon (via Martha Stewart)

And finally. Sometimes Tory Burch's clothes skew slightly too bohemian for me. That is not the case with her spring 2016 line, though. I love it all, including this shimmery dress, which has "elegant June poolside cocktail party" written all over it. And what do you drink at that party? Champers, bien sur.

Wear Tory Burch, drink champagne with a twist of lemon.

champagne with a twist (via Food and Wine)

(All runway images from Vogue.)

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