Thursday, October 03, 2013

Something Social in Severna Park

When I was a kid, my parents were very social. The adults in Ben Oaks, our Severna Park neighborhood, spent a lot of time drinking in people's backyards, or under the willow tree at our beach, or on their boats. You get the idea.

I loved it. When you're eight, if you're parents are having fun, that means you get to stay up later and maybe have a spontaneous sleepover. My friends were the kids of my parents friends - and when our parents were having a good time, we did everything we could to stay out of their way. The less we bothered them, the longer we had to hang out.

My parents still live in that neighborhood, though many of the houses have turned over to younger families. A ton of the people who live there now grew up there, with me. It's still social as hell, but on recent visits - both to Ben Oaks and to other friends throughout Severna Park - I've noticed something new. People go out.

My parents have told me stories of going out to Annapolis bars before they  had kids and when I was a baby. But I don't have any memories of my own of them going out - not like that (dinner is something else). Today, there are a handful of bars - including Mother's, The Point and the Severna Park Taphouse - competing for the local 21146 attention. A new spot called Libations is just about to open on Veteran's Highway.

My high school friends check in at these places and post pictures on Facebook, rolling up to The Point on their boats or seeing bands at the Taphouse.

I can't quite tell if this is a change in the Severna Park social scene or if it has more to do with my generation. After all, I go to bars sometimes, too (though a) live near a lot more of them and b) go on special occasions, not just to hang out).

Either way, it's something new. Which is always cause for chatter in SP.

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