Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Have I Mentioned That I'm Excited about Shoo-Fly?

I've been blowing up Facebook with mentions of the new Spike Gjerde joint, which is about to descend upon the old Crush space in Belvedere Square. I am so excited I can barely contain myself - and not just because it means Spike's food two miles from my driveway.

That space needs a strong restaurant - I was bummed, though not completely surprised, when Crush folded after several successful and satisfying years. Belvedere Square as a whole will be better for its new occupant.

Spike's approach to local food is so traditional it's revolutionary. This WaPo article goes into detail about his canning operations - which will move to the Shoo-Fly space - and that gets a lot of play in the national press (curiously less play locally).

But the reason I'm really excited by the current goings on is in this Eater piece. Spike is interested in the mid-Atlantic foodways in a way that few local food people are. Here in the Chesapeake region, we don't have an organization like Southern Foodways Alliance, chipping away at our culinary history. But we do have Spike - and for that, this food and history-lover is grateful.

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