Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

We eat an embarrassing amount of red meat around here.
So every once in a while, I get bored and end up on a major chicken kick.

That happened this past week.

It only lasted a few days - I only needed to make two chicken-centric
dinners before I'm ready for the cow (or pig) again.

This go-round, I found a couple of very decent and quick recipes.

The first was Grace Parisi's chicken Kiev from the May 2013 Food and Wine:

I followed the recipe, mostly, though I finished the chicken in a 350 degree oven 
after frying for a minute or two on the stove. It was just easier that way.

Super simple and we all enjoyed this. Most of all, I liked that when 
I pan-fried the chicken, the coating actually stayed on (you freeze
the chicken for 5 minutes after coating it - I believe that's the trick).

Rotisserie chicken is my favorite. I like it on its own, but it's
also fantastic in soups and other dishes - especially Mexican food.
Pollard house favorite.)

Earlier this week, I made this simple chicken, cabbage and cilantro cream
taco filling. The cilantro cream was killer - we agreed it 
would make a fantastic match for pork, too.

And now I'm ready for some steak again.

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