Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trendy: Grilled Oysters (and My Family)

Grilled oysters are everywhere these days. 

On restaurant menus. In a crazy-hipstery spread in the May issue of Food & Wine
And - most of all - in my backyard.

My family - the Waskoms - are known for a lot of things. 
Being super-cool is not usually one of them.

But as it turns out, we're totally ahead of the game when it comes to oysters. 
Grilled oysters have played an important role in pretty much every R-month 
get-together we've ever had - including our celebration for my dad's birthday.

Shucking - a typical scene at the Waskoms or Pollards
 This year, we made grilled oysters the centerpiece of my dad's birthday festivities. 
Each branch of the family brought a topping that would work on grilled oysters 
(plus, my mom and dad brought the fixings for Oysters Waskom, 
our finely tuned family twist on Oysters Rockefeller). The results:

Well, most of the results, anyway. I didn't get a chance to take a picture
of Tom and Cail's oysters - which were topped with a sweet and earthy combination
of caramelized shallots, pork butter and truffle butter.

Though according to some people, the oyster tasting wasn't a competition,
there was a clear winner. And it wasn't me.

The pork belly oysters, which involved Clark braising pork belly
for about eight hours, then frying it in pork fat in my kitchen, were
ridiculously good. I'd order them again. And again. And again.

So yes, grilled oysters are hot right now. 
But the Waskoms have known that for a while.

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