Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wheeler del Toro's Chocolate Sauce

Food blogging has many perks, but the perkiest of all is the occasional delivery of free dessert products.

So last month, I was giddy when I got an email from a PR person for Chef Wheeler del Toro, a private vegan chef in Massachusetts who - in addition to writing recipes and catering parties - has developed a line of dessert products, including a bunch of chocolate sauces.

One of those sauces made its way to our mailbox - and then into our mouths (both with ice cream and all by its lonesome). The sauce was thick and even a little grainy, the consistency of the best kind of brownie batter.

And the flavor...was rich. Also like the best kind of brownie batter.

So fabulous, all around.

Buy it here (and look around the website - there's a lot more than chocolate sauce there).

[Photo courtesy of Chef Wheeler del Toro.]

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