Friday, January 04, 2013

Who's the Booziest?

The Daily Beast ranks the top 25 American drinking cities using an uncomplicated equation combining average number of drinks consumed per month, binge-drinking percentage of the population and "heavy drinking" percentage (based on CDC data).

Baltimore weighs in at #13, with 14.7 drinks per month, 16.3% classified as binge drinkers and 4.8% classified as heavy drinkers.

Considering that I average more than 14.7 drinks a month, I shudder to think where I fall in those two percentages.

Those stats don't seem surprising to me, but what did surprise me is that Baltimore is ranked higher than Buffalo and Fargo (where people drink to numb themselves from the cold) and Philadelphia, which just had a Layover episode in which the theme was, "You're in Philly, time to get drunk!"

On the high-ranking side, DC came in at #9 (need to drink to deal with politics), New Orleans at #7 (and that's not even counting the tourists) and - this one was a surprise - Norfolk at #2. Norfolk. Kind of random, right?

I won't share #1, but I will say this: a lot of pretty major cities don't make the cut. I wonder if it's because people in warmer climates (LA, Miami) are healthier so they look good. And people in NYC are healthier because it's trendy. All those juice fasts and all.

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