Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lake Trout

And not the kind you get in Baltimore strip malls, either.

When we arrived at the Keuka Lake house last Thursday night, Alicia had a
great dinner planned. The centerpiece? A gorgeous trout
Alicia's dad caught right in the lake:

He'd caught it the week before, cleaned it and stuck it in the freezer.
The fish did take about a million years to defrost,
but once it did, it was gorgeous.

Alicia stuffed it with onions and lemons, rubbed it in olive oil, and seasoned it
with salt and pepper before grilling. Simple and pretty much perfect.

Also on the menu: salad with Samos dressing, grilled baby eggplants picked
from the lake house garden, grilled flank steak (yes, surf and turf) and
mac and cheese made with tomatoes and bacon: 

A good solid night-before-we-go-wine-tasting dinner.

But more on that later.

[Note: In case you're wondering, yes, I did forget my camera last weekend. 
So all the pics were taken with my phone. And they are all awful and blurry.]


Anonymous said...

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Kit Pollard said...

Julia's Child! I love it!


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