Monday, October 01, 2012

Cool Right Now

Is there any better time of year than October? Today in my backyard, it's gloriously sunny, just chilly enough for a jacket, and the leaves are starting to turn. Perfect.

With the change in the weather comes in a change in what we eat and drink - and it's always a welcome change. As much as I love late summer tomatoes and corn and crabs, there's a lot to be said for a hearty winter stew.

And a brisk autumn cocktail, bolstered by a slice of ripe cheese. That's what I have on my mind this morning. Maybe a cocktail made with a boozy scoop of Bathtub Gin jam (via Garden and Gun). Though it might not be ideal for your kid's PB&J, the jams sound like a perfect match for drinks and snacks. (And I don't know, maybe it is a good match for peanut butter.)

Also filed under, why didn't I think of this: Roasted grapes. All of a sudden, I'm reading about them everywhere. They sound like a perfect, and perfectly pretty, addition to a fall cheese plate. They seem easy to make, too (I like this recipe from The Kitchn - and I would definitely experiment with savory herbs, as they suggest).

I am ready - right now - for a mid-afternoon fire + snacks + drinks on the patio.

Too bad it's Monday morning at 11...

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