Thursday, August 09, 2012

Cook the Mag: Pork and Green Chile Stew from Food and Wine

The picture is hideous, but the stew was very good.

On Tuesday, I made this:

It's the pork and green chile stew, a recipe developed by Grace Parisi,
who is my all-time favorite recipe developer at Food and Wine.

This is in the brand new September issue.

I made a few changes:
Instead of poblanos and Anaheims, I used cubanelles and jalapenos,
since that's what I've got at in the garden
(including one red cubanelle, which makes this a pork and green
and RED chile stew, I guess).

Plus, I used a pork roast instead of a pork shoulder.
Nothing against shoulders, but the recipe only calls for 2 pounds of meat.
Every pork shoulder ever is about 8 pounds.

I don't think either of those changes made a lick of difference.
The stew was fantastic - super savory, with just a little spice
(for more spice, add the spicy pepper's seeds).

It took a little longer than the advertised 45 minutes, but much of my time
was spent cutting that pork roast up into small chunks.

That was a pain.
But it was worth it!

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