Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cook the Mags: Recent(ish) Weeknight Dinners

We go out to dinner a lot these days - thanks, Baltimore Sun! - so when we're at home,
I try to cook dinners that are a little interesting, without being crazy complicated.

I have a zillion cookbooks, but I end up relying more on Food and Wine
and Bon Appetit for inspiration. They keep it interesting.

These three dinners were some of our recent favorites
(that also happened to be easy weeknight meals).

From the March issue of Bon Appetit, this
written all over them: They're not fancy food.
But the dinner was super easy to make, not expensive at all, and had tons of flavor.

This shrimp, sausage and lima bean stew from July's Food and Wine was a little
more time-intensive, and a little less healthy, than the chicken -
but it was still a good weeknight meal. If I made it again,
I'd peel the shrimp before cooking, reserving the shells to make
a quick shrimp stock to use (maybe in place of half the chicken stock).
Peeling the shrimp at the table was a pain.

Pain or no, it was very tasty - and a nice change of pace from the usual weeknight dinner.

Again: easy, cheapish, quick, not terribly unhealthy. This grilled chicken salad from the
May issue of Bon Appetit is light - nice for a hot weeknight -
and thanks to 20 cloves of garlic, it's full of flavor. The dressing is fantastic -
I'd use it on a ton of stuff.

I scrapped the olives from my plate (but included them in Cooper's) -
I didn't miss them. Then again, since I don't like olives, I wouldn't really miss them, would I?

All highly recommended!

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