Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cook the Mag: Smoked Fish Chowder from Food and Wine

When we got home from the lake, the August issue of Food and Wine was in my mailbox.
It included an article about a couple who own a restaurant called
The Market Restaurant on Lobster Cove, on the water in Gloucester, Massachussetts.

In the article, the authors include a recipe for a simple smoked fish stew.
I could make that - easily - I thought. So I did:

And it's great. I followed the recipe just about exactly - the only difference is that I
only made 3/4 of the recipe, since I knew the full recipe would be too much.
As it turns out, 3/4 of the recipe was also way too much. This would easily feed a crowd.

Even though it's a milky soup, it's light, and has lovely summery flavor.
For the fish, I used smoked bluefish from Neopol. Local and seasonal.

The verdict: I'd definitely make it again. Preferably when I'm having some people over,
so I don't end up with a refrigerator full of soup (like I did last night).

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Best Luxury Fly-In Alaska Fly Fishing said...

This was delicious - thank you! We only had about 80gm of smoked salmon but the flavour was still fabulous.


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