Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Trendy: Coral

It's so summery and dangerously close to Tangerine Tango (aka the Pantone color of 2012).
So it's no wonder that coral - the color and the shape - is everywhere right now.

On dresses:
[Caitlyn long dress by Devin Baer]

On my toes, as we speak:
[California Coral by Essie]

On the wall:

[Virginia Johnson print from Stampa]

In necklace form:

[Coral Collector by Elva Fields]

[Orange branch coral necklace by KEP Designs]
On Jenna Lyons' lips (presumably):

[Poppy King for J. Crew lipstick]

In Kate Spade-Meets-Chanel form:

[Gold Coast - Meadow shoulder bag by Kate Spade]

On the table with navy and gold - and seriously,
this combination is just winning my heart, all around:

[Table by JL Designs]

1 comment:

strawberriesinparis said...

cute as a button is on my toes!! love the coral.


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