Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Graeter's. Wow.

A couple weeks ago, I came home and found a cooler on my front porch. This was inside:

That's right - four pints of Graeter's ice cream, courtesy of the Graeter's PR crew.

A few (8) years ago, back when I was at Context, I worked on a project that involved "great places to work" all over the country. Graeter's, which is in Cincinnati, Ohio, was one of those places. It sounds like a fantastic company - the people who work there love it, plus they are incredibly proud of their product.

Since then, I've been dying to try the ice cream, but until very recently, it wasn't available in Maryland.
But now it is.

And that's a great thing because this ice cream absolutely lived up to my
very high expectations. Look at it:

The chips - they're gigantic! The ice cream - so creamy!
And the black raspberry, which everyone says is the best, well, it is the best.

So...Graeter's. Get some.

(If you're in Maryland, here's where you can find it.)


MJ said...

oh nice! i've been dying to try them out.

Kit Pollard said...

It's amazing, MJ! Words can't really do it justice!


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