Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Recap

All of my childhood memories of St. Patrick's Day revolve around one thing: whether or not someone was going to force me to eat corned beef and cabbage. Fortunately, my (very Irish) grandmother is not a fan of the traditional dish, so I usually got out of it.

That was it, though. Otherwise, St. Patrick's Day was more of a grownup holiday. Not so anymore. Dixon has been celebrating - at school and at home - for the whole month of March. Behold, the leprachaun trap he and his friend Samara built:

Well, maybe it doesn't photograph that well. Trust me when I say that in person, it's impressive.

This year, my original plan was to throw a big party on St. Patrick's Day. Then, sometime around Kyle and Mary's shower, I realized I just couldn't do it. I didn't have it in me.

But we still had to do something. It was a Saturday, after all, and gorgeous out. Plus, St. Patrick's Day! It's like Cooper's Christmas.

So we called up a few friends, who came over and brought their kids. And beer - we've got a lot of beer here. Food-wise, this is what we ended up with:

Corned beef sandwiches - I definitely wasn't going to cook that in my house!

And this is how things looked after it got dark:

(I mostly included that picture because Dixon took it himself.)

Because I'm me, we had too much food, so on Sunday, we rebooted, with a few modifications:

And then we sent those leftovers to work with Cooper.

Overall, great weekend. Great weather + friends + food. And beer. Don't forget the beer.

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