Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Hour Friday: Come By for a Drink

After blogging yesterday about creative fashion show invitations, I realized I'd never posted about the adorable vintage cocktail invitations my in-laws gave me for Christmas. My mother-in-law found two small packs of these in an antiques shop someplace:

The shot glass gives you a sense of scale - they're only about three inches wide. Aren't they adorable? One of the packs still had a price tag - 65 cents for ten invitations. 

After Christmas, I had big plans to have some new versions made for myself, which I'd then use all the time, whenever we were having people over for a couple of drinks. That, of course, never happened (and really, the postal service probably isn't the most efficient way to ask people if they want to come over the next day).

But even though they're languishing in my office, they're making me happy with their charming font and glamorous mid-century promise. Cheers!

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