Thursday, January 05, 2012

Old School Thursday: Folding Chairs & Important Amendments Edition

Today is National Sacher Torte Day, and I suppose you could make yourself a nice Sacher torte to celebrate some of the other accomplishments that happened on January 5th, like the patent of a the first folding chair design, which happened in 1854 by Aaron Allen.

It’s hard to imagine a world before folding chairs, isn’t it? Not that we use folding chairs every single day…but they certainly do come in handy.

A couple of generations later, in 1933, today was a very big day, indeed – since it was the day that Utah and Nevada voted for the 21st amendment, and those votes repealed Prohibition. It’s a lot harder to imagine an America without booze for sale than it is a world without folding chairs.

But speaking of Prohibition, today in 2006, New York City banned artificial trans fats in restaurant foods. Don’t get me started.

So enjoy that Sacher torte today, on a folding chair, with some booze. Sounds like something out of Clue, doesn’t it?

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