Thursday, January 12, 2012

Old School Thursday: Careme Edition

It’s National Marzipan Day. Sure – why not?

The other big news in food history is that on January 12, 1833, Marie-Antoine Careme passed away at the tender age of 48. Careme was chef to a host of famous food-lovers, including Talleyrand, the future George IV of England, Russian Emperor Alexander I and Baron James de Rothschild, whose name alone gives wine lovers a little tingle. As much time as Careme spent cooking, he also spent writing, recording tons of recipes, in addition to culinary history, instructions for kitchen organization and management and careful explanations of food presentation.

So maybe National Marzipan Day really is appropriate. Especially if the marzipan is used for a beautiful, elaborate dessert created in memory of Careme.

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Gladys said...

Oh! I am happy to read few about Marie-Antoine Careme.


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