Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Hour Friday: Purple Reign Cocktails

It's purple Friday here in Baltimore, which explains why I woke up in the middle of the night trying to craft purple cocktails in my head. I was stuck on something involving grenadine and blue curacao, which really doesn't sound good, not even in a retro way (though I did end up seeing an online recipe that mixes exactly those ingredients).

Fortunately, the internet is there for me. Unfortunately, most of the drinks I saw sounded horrendous. "Make a clear drink and drop a purple Skittle in it" - really?

But I did find a couple of decent ideas, courtesy of a Chowhound thread. So if you're in a Ravens kind of mood today and looking for a drink with team spirit, give one of these a try:
  • The Superhero: vodka, tequila, blueberry syrup and raspberries
  • Lavender Cosmo: vodka, parfait amour, cranberry juice and lime (parfait amour is an orange-flavored liqueur that looks purple - and that's difficult to find, but apparently very good)
Or just stick with the Natty Boh. That works, too.

UPDATE: A mindmeld between Kathy and Sarah G. in the comments sent me searching for the violet-flavored liqueur creme de violette, and that's when I found the Rothman & Winter website. The site has a bunch of cocktail recipes that sound like they might turn out purple...and delicious. I especially like the sound of the Toulouse (vodka, creme de violette and vanilla liqueur) and the Yale Cocktail (gin, vermouth and creme de violette). A quick search shows that the Drillaud brand of creme de violette is available at Beltway Liquors.

UPDATE #2: I just discovered this is my 1,500th post! Good luck for the Ravens, maybe?


theminx said...

I'm pretty sure I saw either a violet- or lavender-flavored light purple cordial at Beltway that might make an interesting martini.

Kit Pollard said...

That sounds pretty cool - and subtle. Not like purple Jello shots.

Sarah G said...

It might have been creme de violette? I've been hearing a lot about that lately (but haven't actually tried any yet).

Gladys L. said...

Friday is party time and it is time to drink a cocktail..

Grubarazzi said...

It was obviously good luck for the ravens! wooohoo! these drinks are pretty great.


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