Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Hour Friday: MORE Purple Cocktails

It's week two of the playoffs here in Baltimore, which means it's week two of purple drinking here at M&G (week one is here). Fortunately, this week, Google delivered me some new and interesting options, courtesy of The Kitchn. The commenters there definitely know how to drink!

My new purple favorites:
  • The Aviation: gin, lemon juice, creme de violette and a spoonful of maraschino liquor, garnished with a maraschino cherrie (I looove cherries, since I looove Shirley Temples)
  • The Stratosphere: champagne, creme de violette and a lemon twist (pretty!)
  • The Concord Grape Mimosa: just champers and grape juice - but it would have to be really good grape juice, without too much added sugar
Or maybe this week, blue food coloring + red food coloring + Miller Lite. If you want to class it up.

Either way, go Ravens!

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